Here Are the Top 3PL Software for E-Commerce Ventures

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Here Are the Top 3PL Software for E-Commerce Ventures

Fast and timely delivery is two main aspects of keeping the customer coming back. No customer will buy from a shop where they will have to wait for a month or so before receive their item. Particularly, when a seller who delivers within a short duration, you can have the hardest moment in your business. Faster deliveries are the building block of the healthy customer relationship. With it, customers are confident you will keep your promise. If the term states a 3-day delivery, the customer will have what they ordered with the stated time.

Having a good 3PL software in your e-commerce venture is the first step to enhancing your order fulfilments. This software streamlines your warehousing and shipping management. Hence, your customer can be certain of receiving their orders as well as getting updates of its whereabouts during the freight duration. Hereis the top third-partylogistics software you can install in your e-commerce business:

­ Logiwa WMS

Logiwa is a leading logistics software. It is a cloud-based solution that enhances your warehousing and order fulfillment management. The solution has a 5-star rating from the current users. With this, you are certain of its reliability. Also, the cloud aspect means that you have an opportunity to access your shipping information at any time and place.  This solution helps you to manage your items from warehousing receipts to shipment. You always access real-time information about your items.

Also, it uses an advanced technology that utilizes barcodes, voice, RFID, and automated MHS. Apart from this, it is compatible with mobile devices. You can use it to manage packaging, shipment, and picking via a mobile device. The solution integrates with major e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces. Hence, it is a good idea in harnessing your shipping affairs.

­ 3PL warehouse manager

As the name suggests, this 3PL software is efficient in managing your logistic services. The software is designed for third-party logistic entities to enable them to manage various services. These services include warehousing, billing, and order processing schedules. The solution provides the company with real-time data which enhance service delivery. Also, it integrates with other systems and warehouse management technologies. Besides, it is scalable. The solution scales with the stock level as you are confident that a change in your inventory levels will not pose a shipment challenge. Lastly, it integrates with systems such as QuickBooks which enhance information sharing in your organization. So, the 3PL warehouse manager is a good idea.

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